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Charte des bonnes pratiques

The Visiting Charter

The charter of good practices for those accompanying groups visiting the historic districts... 

In keeping with its approach aimed at promoting Lyon as a "destination of excellence", and in cooperation with tour guide and tourism professionals working in and around Lyon, Only Lyon Tourism has devised a charter of good practices for those accompanying groups visiting the historic districts inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The objective is to ensure that site discovery tours are conducted in the best possible conditions, with respect for the site and the inhabitants, users and storekeepers in these districts.

Objective of the charter:

The idea is to raise the awareness and sense of responsibility of those visiting courtyards and traboules within the UNESCO perimeter, regarding 5 aspects in particular:

  • Access to the site
  • The districts visited
  • Respecting the living environment of inhabitants
  • Group management
  • The sequence of the visit

These good practices help to explain to visitors the exceptional character of the 427 hectares inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage list and deals with difficulties related to the number of visitors or by improving on visitor flow management.

In brief, it's a precious tool that guarantees the well-being and quality of relationships between visitors and inhabitants. In other words, harmonious cohabitation.

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