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The Palais de la Bourse

Palais de la Bourse de Lyon ©
Palais de la Bourse de Lyon ©
Palais de la Bourse de Lyon ©
Palais de la Bourse de Lyon ©
Palais de la Bourse de Lyon ©

The Palais de la Bourse in Lyon (3,600 m²), which was listed as a Historical Monument in 1994, is exclusively located in the heart of the Presqu’île, and is ideal for all your events.

This 3-storey 3,600 m² building, which is symbolic of Lyon's economic history, was designed by the architect René Dardel.
Five richly decorated rooms relate Lyon's trading, industrial, financial and economic traditions.
Up until 1991, the Salle de la Corbeille, a jewel in Lyon's architectural heritage housed the Bourse de Lyon, which is dominated 25 m above ground level by an impressive allegory of the city of Lyon and its economic activity.

Its prestigious Salle de la Corbeille (845 m² with passageways) where Bourse de Lyon sessions were once held, is flanked by two storeys of arcades with imposing glass windows, and decorated in the style of the Second Empire.
Upstairs, the Ampère, Tony-Garner and Lumière rooms are lavishly decorated.




Parkplatz in der Nähe

Langues parlées

Englisch, Französisch


Place de la Bourse 69002 Lyon 2ème

Tel. : 06 38 41 03 36



5 Räumlichkeiten

Gesamtoberfläche: 1332 m²

Nom Surface en m² Cocktail Bankett Theater Capacité max In U-Form In Klasse Quadratischer Raum
Corbeille 845 500 450 450 465
Lumière 120 110 84 112 42 40
Salon des Agents de Change 100 30
Tony Garnier 120 110 84 126 42 48
Ampère 147 135 96 136 42 40
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