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Stephanie Siu (UK) and Yumi Kubo (Japan)
Stephanie Siu (UK) and Yumi Kubo (Japan)

Lyon: a gourmet city

Every turn you make you cannot escape food galore, because you will find it hard to tear yourself away from the many delights on display in the shop window.

Your decision making is tested in the face with such a delicious selection. I particularly enjoy the range of interesting ice cream flavours from Terre Adelice. I even brave trying tablier de sapeur (breaded tripe), a Lyonnaise speciality in one of the city's bouchon. Be careful when you step inside Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse; it is a feast for the eyes, senses and makes me salivate wildly.

I love walking along the green space by the river Rhone and stopping for a picnic there. On a sunny day I can happily sit there all day and watch the world go by. The city is clean and well maintained, so is easy to find a spot to take a rest and enjoy the surroundings.

We enjoy walking up the Fourviere Hill and discovering a steep landscape garden path that winds its way up to the majestic Basilica of the Notre Dame of Fourviere,  The hilltop offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city, and if you look hard enough you can even glimpse the alps far beyond.

The gem of the city is Tete d'Or park. Visiting the park is like a mini-holiday, with so much green space to enjoy and garden areas to appreciate. The zoo one of the highlight in the park; there are lions, tigers, panthers, giraffe and many exotic monkey species. The best thing about it is that it's free entrance.

I love searching for traboules (passageways) hidden within the silk worker's district. When a door leads you to a traboule, you will be met with history and architecture from the silk industry and the tranquillity offers respite from the bustle of the streets outside.

However, there is a nice patisserie that I didn't get round to visit and maybe another ice cream flavours to sample, I think I will arrange another return trip soon………….


Stephanie Siu (UK)
Yumi Kubo (Japan)

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