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Le Jeu de quilles cave à vins

Le Jeu de quilles cave à vins ©
Le Jeu de quilles cave à vins ©
Bottles carefully arranged in natural wooden cubes, a large table in the centre of the room, a long counter behind which tasty dishes simmer... You are at the Jeu de Quilles, a recently inaugurated wine cellar.
"Their idea is to remove the inhibitions of occasional drinkers and make the wine world, which is often considered elitist, more democratic. Le Jeu de Quilles hopes to become a gathering point and refuelling station, and more besides. At lunchtime, the cellar serves table d’hôte meals; a great place to stop to enjoy the dish of the day. In the evening, this lively space gathers together groups of friends, to enjoy a drink together. Cheers!"


Haustiere akzeptiert

Langues parlées

Englisch, Französisch


1 place Meissonnier 69001 Lyon 1er

Tel. : 04 82 91 22 65


Vom 01/01 bis 31/12.
Montag und Sonntag geschlossen.
Ausnahmsweise geschlossen am feiertagen.
Avec ce commerce

Französische Küche

Le Jeu de Quilles Le Jeu de Quilles


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