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Maison Richart

Maison Richart ©
Maison Richart ©
Maison Richart ©
Maison Richart ©
Maison Richart ©
Maison Richart ©
Die Intensität der Aromen, reichen Aromen, Wunder über alle Sinne, willkommen im Haus RICHART, dem Zentrum der Schokoladenfabrik in Lyon seit 1925.
This family-owned chocolaterie was founded in 1925 in the Croix-Rousse area by Master Chocolatier Joseph Richart. Maison RICHART opened on Lyon's Presqu'ile in 1988. Crossing the threshold of a RICHART store comes with the promise of a thousand delights and an incredible adventure for the soul and palate. Here you open the doors to a world where smells and flavours -all of which are at the heart of the creative process of all their collections, be they chocolates, macaroons or desserts- are magnified, and conjure up intense and rare emotions. Following the example of a perfumer creating a new scent, all of the creations of Maison RICHART are devised within a family of aromas and whatever they evoke, which means that a very wide range of taste sensations are explored in an attempt to capture the most harmonious combinations. Les Petits RICHART, which has been Maison RICHART's key collection ever since it was created, has unanimous appeal worldwide. Their flavours, and fillings -which can be either classical or original- delight all those in search of new horizons, and those who like to stray from the beaten track... For real gourmets, Maison RICHART has created Ultra-Minces, a collection of ultra-thin chocolate wafers with very diverse geographical and botanical origins. As for its macarons, a quick glance is all that is required for their colourful sparkling shells to make your senses run wild. Their round and generous shapes are an invitation to be touched, and their crisp yet melting textures will turn your taste buds upside-down.

Langues parlées

Englisch, Französisch


1 rue du Plat 69002 Lyon 2ème

Tel. : 04 78 37 38 55


Geöffnet von Mo. bis Fr.:10:00 Uhr-13:30 Uhr und 14:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr.


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Philippe Lechat, chef étoilé
Die Markthalle Paul Bocuse

Philippe Lechat, Sternekoch.


Philippe Lechat, Sternekoch, erzählt uns von der Markthalle Paul Bocuse

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