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Grand Café des Négociants

Grand Café des Négociants ©
Grand Café des Négociants ©
Grand Café des Négociants ©
It's time to let your hair down, to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of champagne or a decent glass of wine accompanied by toasts with foie gras or smoked salmon, or a plate of typical Lyon cold meat products to a backdrop of lounge music.
Built in 1864, the Grand Café des Négociants with its warm Second Empire decor is part of Lyon's history. This is a place where diamond and silk merchants as well as wholesale butchers traded their wares (using the many mirrors hanging in the main room to communicate secretly using sign language) and politicians, artists and travelling salesmen met... Here the known and unknown rub shoulders and enjoy a pleasant break. Every afternoon in the tea room you can enjoy our delicious hot chocolate and homemade patisseries... And when it's time for an aperitif, you can choose between a glass of Champagne or wine served with foie gras or smoked salmon on toast, to the strains of lounge music.


Terrasse, Klimaanlage, Restaurant


1 place Francisque Régaud 69002 Lyon 2ème

Tel. : 04 78 42 50 05

Fax. : 04 72 40 08 24


Ganzjährig : täglich geöffnet von 7 Uhr bis 4 Uhr.
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