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Museum of the Military History of Lyon

Musée d'Histoire Militaire de Lyon et de sa Région ©
The museum presents a cultural journey of 2000 years of history, from Lugdunum to the modern day. Via its lecturers, historians and military experts, you’ll discover the key military, historic and cultural events in Lyon and the region.
In one of the rooms in the Fort de la Vitriolerie in the Général Frère district: trophies, knives, firearms, flags, pennants, decorations, uniforms, hats, models. Documents from 1789 to the present day. Very informative, the museum presents the role of Lyon and the region in France's military history from the foundation of Lugdunum in 43 B.C. up to the present day. Founded in 1980, the museum was reorganized and enlarged in 2006.


Quartier Général Frère, 22 avenue Leclerc Cercle Mixte de Garnison 69007 Lyon 7ème

Tel. : 04 37 27 21 97


Gruppentarif ab 10 Personen.


Ganzjährig, jeden Mittwoch und Donnerstag von 10 Uhr bis 12 Uhr und 14 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr. An feiertagen geschlossen.


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Camille Pantano, blogueuse culture
Museen in Lyon

Camille Pantano, Kulturbloggerin


Camille Pantano, Kulturbloggerin

Das Besondere der kulturellen Sehenswürdigkeiten in Lyon ist, dass sie von außen genauso schön wie von innen sind!