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Rosary Garden in the Heights Park

Jardin du Rosaire dans le Parc des Hauteurs ©
Jardin du Rosaire dans le Parc des Hauteurs ©
2.5 hectare garden and 1400 m of paths between Fourvière and Saint Jean designed and created by Michel-Antoine Boyer and Sylvie Maniaque. The layout is based on the remains of the neglected original private gardens.
The gardens contain botanical collections of old roses and hydrangeas; an orchard created from existing fruit trees forms the link with the archaeological area. In the north part, there are benches and children's games, a "Jardin Chinois" (Chinese Garden) (because a Chinese gardener used to grow vegetables there) filled with hydrangeas, and the "Jardin de la Ruine" (Garden of the Ruin) below (containing a ruined building). In the south part, there is the "Jardin des Roses" (Rose Garden), an old Jesuit kitchen garden, and the former gardens of Pauline Jaricot's house, devoted to contemplation, with the Sainte Philomène chapel that was completely renovated in 98. There are also the "Nuages" (Clouds), "Couleurs" (Colours), and "Fleurs" (Flowers) Gardens... A huge mural of the prophet Elijah sleeping, fed by angels, and a cypress symbolizing fire is engraved in the glass in the old sheep barn.




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